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Make your vote-by-mail ballot count!

Follow these simple steps.

Mark your ballot

Use a blue or black ballpoint pen.

Use a single line to connect the head and tail of the arrow that points to your choice.

If you lose your ballot or make a mistake, you may request a new ballot. You can:

Phone Call the Elections Department at 831-454-2060

email For a new ballot, email
        For assistance, email

Sign and date the Envelope

Remove the top stub from your ballot by tearing at the perforated line.
Place the ballot in the enclosed return envelope provided.
Write the address where you live in Santa Cruz County on the envelope in the space provided.

Sign your name on the envelope. If you do not sign your envelope, we cannot count your ballot. 
If you cannot sign your name, make a mark and have a witness sign on the line provided.
Do not let someone else sign your name for you.

Write the date you signed the envelope.

How to return your vote-by-mail ballot

To be counted your ballot must be postmarked on or before Election Day, November 6 and received by the Elections Department by Friday, November 9. To return your ballot, you can:

Mail your ballot early to be sure it is received on timePostage is paid. No stamp required!

- OR -

Drop it off at one of the 24-hour drop boxes by 8pm on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6

  • Santa Cruz County Government Center, 701 Ocean St.
  • Santa Cruz City library public parking lot, 212 Church St
  • Scotts Valley City Hall parking lot, 1 Civic Center Dr.
  • Capitola City Hall parking lot, 420 Capitola Ave.
  • Watsonville public parking lot 14, 316 Rodriguez St.
  • UC Santa Cruz - Quarry Plaza – walk up only.
  • Graham Hill & Mt. Hermon Rd., Felton Covered Bridge Park parking lot 
  • Cabrillo College parking lot R near the football field.
  • Aptos Polo Grounds, 2255 Huntington Dr. near the dog park.
  • County Health Center in Watsonville, 1430 Freedom Blvd.

- OR -

Return it in person before and including Election Day

You may personally drop it off at one of the locations below or you can have a relative or someone who lives with you drop it off.

  • County Elections: 701 Ocean St., Room 310 / Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm / 831-454-2060
  • Santa Cruz City Clerk: 809 Center St. / Mon – Fri, 8am – noon, 1pm – 5pm / 831-420-5030
  • Capitola City Clerk: 420 Capitola Ave. / Mon – Fri, 8am – noon, 1pm – 5pm / 831-475-7300
  • Scotts Valley City Clerk: 1 Civic Center Dr. / Mon – Fri, 8am – noon, 1pm – 5pm / 831-446-5602
  • Watsonville City Clerk: 275 Main St. / Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm / 831-768-3040 

 - OR -

Return it in person on Election Day

You can return it to any polling place in California on Tuesday, November 6, 7am to 8pm. For a list of polling places in Santa Cruz County, go online to or call 831-454-2060.

Do you want to Vote at the Polls Instead?

You may surrender your vote-by-mail ballot at your assigned polling place, and you may then vote a ballot at the polls. If you do not have your ballot to surrender, you may vote a provisional ballot. Your ballot will count once the elections official confirms you did not mail a ballot in as well.