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Local Measures on the November 6, 2018 Ballot

Deadline for filing arguments for or against school and city measures in Capitola, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley and Watsonville is Friday, August 17.

Deadline for filing arguments for or against the West Valley-Mission Community College measure is Tuesday, August 14. 

Information about public display of election materials

The deadline to place a measure on the November ballot is 5pm, Friday, August 10. Letters will be assigned after 5pm on August 10. 

Measures will be assigned letters by the elections official in alphabetical order, starting with the next letter following the previous election. The order measures appear on the ballot is as follows: County Board of Education; College; Unified Schools; High Schools; Elementary Schools; County; Cities; Districts. In order to allow for the most efficient use of space, the county elections official may vary the order of the measures. (Elections Code §13109). Measures will be assigned through Z, or as close to the end of the alphabet as possible to accommodate all measures filed for the current election.  For example, if the previous election ended with measure V, and five measures are on the next ballot, the measures will be assigned A, B, C, D, E rather than W, X, Y, Z, A. The elections official may commence designating local measures with any letter of the alphabet following letter “A” and continuing alphabetically, in order to avoid voter confusion that might result from different local measures carrying the same letter designation in successive elections.  (Elections Code §13116). For districts that overlap into other counties, the counties will mutually agree to use a letter designation for the measure that will not conflict or confuse the voter.

Please refer to the Guide to Writing Arguments for important information on how to file an argument with a Signature Statement. For more information, call 831-454-2419 or email 

Measure W - West Valley-Mission Community College bond - 55%

Measure A - Scotts Valley Unified School District parcel Tax - 2/3 vote

Measure B - Soquel Union Elementary School parcel tax - 2/3 vote

Measure G - Santa Cruz County sales tax - majority

Measure H - Santa Cruz County affordable housing - 2/3 vote

Measure I - City of Capitola Cannabis business tax - majority vote

Measure J - City of Capitola transient occupancy tax - 2/3 vote

Measure K - City of Capitola change treasurer from elected to appointed - majority vote

Measure L - City of Capitola Greenway initiative - majority vote

Measure M - City of Santa Cruz rent control initiative - majority vote

Measure N - City of Scotts Valley transient occupancy tax -  majority vote

Measure O - City of Watsonville transient occupancy tax - majority vote

Measure P - La Selva Beach Recreation District parcel tax - 2/3 vote