Statement of JEFF ALMQUIST, Candidate for

County Supervisor, 5th District

County of Santa Cruz

Occupation: County Supervisor – 5th District Age: 51

Education and Qualifications:

BA, Yale; JD, University of Connecticut; MBA, San Jose State

It’s been a privilege to work for you. I’ve ably lived up to my responsibilities as your representative, reaching out with neighborhood coffees and District meetings where I seek your ideas and feedback. As creator of the Environmental Health Task Force, I’ve strived to make County government "user friendly" and more accountable.

I’ve worked to protect the environment and water resources, promote recycling and restore streams. Now we have better local forestry rules protecting neighborhoods, limits on helicopter harvesting and riparian buffers.

To promote a healthier community for our families, I initiated an outdoor tobacco advertising ban, limited public alcohol use, supported youth drug treatment programs, early childhood programs for young parents, and affordable housing, and helped bring about the Community Pool and Teen Center.

I’ve supported transportation improvements, including Fishhook repairs, Highway 1 widening, improvements on Scotts Valley Drive, better bus service, rural road funding, bikeway acquisition and development, and proposed the electric bike program.

I’m proud to have strong support from educators, environmentalists, labor, law enforcement, firefighters, business and property owners. With your vote, I will continue working with you to improve our community. Thanks!


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